Voter registration has now ended for the 2020 general election.

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IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING ABSENTEE BALLOTS AND IN-PERSON VOTING: “Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has issued a directive clarifying people who change their minds about mail-in ballots and decide they want to vote in person, early at local boards of elections can do so on a regular ballot. Whether you vote early in-person or by mail doesn’t matter. They are all considered absentee ballots under this directive. Those ballots will be counted and reflected as absentee ballots on Election Night. If a voter has received their mail-in ballot, they should bring it with them. If not, they’ll still be allowed to vote and the mail-in ballot will be invalidated by the board.However, if you ordered an absentee mail-in ballot and show up at your polling place on Election Day itself, you’ll have to cast a provisional ballot. Those ballots are typically counted in the days following Election Day.”