2020 Candidate Information

Candidates in 2020 include (click picture for more info):

President and Vice President of the United States

Democratic Party

Joseph Biden (President)
Kamala Harris (Vice President)


Howie Hawkins (Independent)
Angela Walker (Independent)

Libertarian Party

Jo Jorgensen (President)
Spike Cohen (Vice President)

Republican Party

Donald Trump (President)
Mike Pence (Vice President)

US House (District 9)

Marcy Kaptur (D)
Rob Weber (R)

Ohio House (District 44)

Paula Hicks-Hudson (D)
Robert McMahon (R)

Ohio House (District 45)

Shane Logan (R)
Lisa Sobecki (D)

Ohio House (District 46)

Steven Salander (R)
Michael Sheehy (D)

Ohio Supreme Court Justice (Seat 1)

Sharon Kennedy
John O’Donnell

Ohio Supreme Court Justice (Seat 2)

Jennifer Brunner
Judi French

Ohio Court of Appeals Judge (District 6)

Myron Duhart
Charles Sulek

Lucas County Commissioner

Pete Gerken (D)
Ron Murphy (R)

Lucas County Sheriff

Earl Mack (I)
Mike Navarre (D)
Brett Warner (R)

Lucas County Treasurer

John Rozic (R)
Lindsay Webb (D)

Lucas County Recorder

Phil Copeland (D)
Pam Haynam (R)

Lucas County Court of Common Pleas Judge

Alfonso Gonzales
Lori Olender

Lucas County Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas

Donald Grames (R)
Bernie Quilter (D)

Toledo City Council At-Large

Tony Dia
Katie Moline

Click this link to see a complete list of all candidates, included those in uncontested races.

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