Democratic Party Ballot

When requesting a Democratic Party ballot in the primary election, a voter will be permitted to vote on which candidates should represent the party for various offices in the November general election.

There are three contested races including a number of central committee seats in the March 17 Democratic Party primary election, as well as two issues.

US President

The President is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress and, to that end, appoints the heads of the federal agencies. The President also acts as the head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

Democratic candidates for US President in 2020 include (click picture for more info):

US House (District 9)

The US House of Representatives (District 9) seat is elected every two years and works to enact federal laws and budgets through the US House of Representatives. The US House of Representatives works with the US Senate to form the US Congress, which is the nation’s legislative body. Their responsibilities include passing bills on public policy issues, raising and lowering taxes, and confirming the President’s appointments.

Democratic candidates for US House of Representatives (District 9) in 2020 include (click picture for more info):

Lucas County Sheriff

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in Lucas County. The sheriff oversees law enforcement, court security, service of papers, jail operations, extraditions, transportation of prisoners, as well as maintaining full police jurisdiction in each municipality, village, and township within Lucas County.

Candidates for the office of Lucas County Sheriff have been screened by the Lucas County Board of Elections to meet the qualifications outlined in ORC 311.01. Click here to see them.

Democratic candidates for Lucas County Sheriff in 2020 include (click picture for more info):

County Central Committee

The county central committee is the governing body of the Lucas County Democratic Party and manages party operations throughout the county. Its responsibilities include electing a Central Committee Chairman, electing an Executive Committee with officers, and filling certain vacancies that that occur as a result of withdrawals, resignations, or deaths of party members.

For a complete list of candidates, click here.


Issues 1 and 3 will be on the ballot for Toledo voters. For more information, see the Issues and Levies page.

Click this link to see a complete list of all candidates, included those in uncontested races.