Toledo City Council District Seats

The Toledo City Council District seats are elected every four years and make up half of the twelve City Council seats. Their responsibilities include reviewing and approving the Mayor’s proposed budget, reviewing and approving the Mayor’s administrative appointments, and introducing and passing new laws.

Like all city-wide elected offices, the City Council At-District races are non-partisan. This means that even though a candidate may be endorsed and supported by a political party, the party name will not be stated on the ballot.

Voters can only vote for one candidate in the district they reside in. If you are not sure which district you reside in, you can use this either this map or this search tool to find out.

Candidates for Toledo City Council At-District seats in 2019 include (click picture for more info):

Candidates for District 1:

Candidates for District 2:

Candidates for District 3:

Candidates for District 4:

Candidates for District 5:

Candidates for District 6: